external image 32518681.jpg?w=620&h=400&crop=145.JPGThat's right, we defy gravity!

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Gravity Gamers


Grace Tavi (Test Manager), Elise Liddell (Project Engineer), William Chasteen (Faculties Engineer) AKA THE WINNERS

Elise- Elise is good at keeping on task and focusing. We all agree that she could lead the group I this project.
Grace- Grace's strength is organization, and she has agreed to organize our pages for us, but always with our help and opinions.
William- William has agreed to be the faculties engineer, and has taken part in all of our placing decisions and he likes to build stuff
photo 1.JPG
Elise's design improvement- When the string is longer as shown here it will go farther because the weight will pull more string hence the wheels will spin for a longer time. and with a smaller lever device the cart will not slow down when it reaches the lowest point.
photo 2.JPG
William's design improvement- I thought about adding more string because it'd allow us to get more power hence a longer run. and 2 Big wheels and 2 Small wheels so it's be aerodynamic.
photo 3.JPG
Grace's design improvement- I decided it might help the design to shorten the lever. I thought it might help to adjust the weight and lever system. But, on the second design, I also decided it would help the frequency and the speed of the cruiser to push the wheels a little further into the chasse.

Gravity Gamers Cruiser Data