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A Light In The Attic
Shel Silverstein

I give this book a 9-10, because it made me want to keep reading it, and it was funny.

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This book is poetry. I picked my 3 favorite poems:
1) Fear
Pg. 136-137
light in the atic 2

2) Hitting
Pg. 142
light in the atic 3

3) Deaf Donald
light in the atic

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I found these awesome handouts at the Baleen Public Library.

msw 2015 4
This one is money smart week. There was a family story time Saturday, but the event is still going on. It ends Saturday the 24th. There are some activities, so go and cheek it out.

p & p 2015 4
Pizza and Pages is a teen book club on Thursday, May 7th It is from 7-8 p.m. It is from grades 7-12, so if you have an older sibling, tell the about this.
ras pi 215 4 rande
Interested in computer programing? Raspberry Pi would be great for you. It is March 16, April 13 and May 4 (May 4th is the only one possible to go to).

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