Math Reflections

What do you enjoy about math and why? What do you not enjoy about math and why?

I enjoy having the opportunity to complete homework in class, so that I can focus on other things once I get home. It makes it easier for me to have free time during my own time.

What are you most proud of as a mathematician in quarter 3?

I am glad that I have gotten an A in my class, and I believe that I must have done something right. I will try to improve and keep the strategies that have worked for me.
What do you think you need to work in quarter 4?
I need to work on quarter 4 test taking abilities, so that I can plan ahead for future tests, the ones that have bigger impacts on my future.
What have your test results been like in quarter 3? What study strategies have you been using?
My test scores have been considerably well, but I believe that I can do better. I am working on my test strategies, so I decided on taking quizzes to familiarize myself to the lessons, therefore improving my odds on the test.