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Blimpo: the 3rd circle of heck
Dale E Basye
I rated it a 7.56 because at some points it was really confusing and kind of lost me.

Response to Your Book Linked Here:
For my response i decided to take on a news reporter and interview one of the characters from the book.
Me: We are here with kid rebellion leader Virgil.
Virgil: Why hello there Adam!
Me: So Virgil, how does it feel to be part of an underground rebellion?
Virgil: It feels great Adam, I think that here in h e double hockey sticks us um, horizontally challenged kids should still be treated fairly.
Me: Are you afraid you will be caught and have to face the ruler of heck?
Virgil: Maybe I will, but until then we have to give these kids something to believe in.
Me: that sounds like your recklessness is actually for a good cause!
Virgil: Of course it is! I think that most of these kids had problems at home which made them do bad things, I know they were just upset so they took it out in different ways. They were never trying to be bad, so they should get a do-over.
Me: Virgil, thank you for your time! I honestly hope you guys can find a way to escape this horrible place!
Virgil: Wait a second, how did you end up here?
Me: I have no idea .

Exploration for The Month Linked Here:
For my exploration I decided to explore a myth about a different culture. I picked a book about the Babylonians, The book I picked was called Ishtar and Tammuz and it was about the Babylonians. The book was about How Ishtar, the goddess of creation sends her son,Tammuz to earth. When Tammuz arrives, all the plants grow and animals become healthy. The people of earth start to look up to Tammuz. Ishtar gets jealous and kills Tammuz, then all the plants and animals start to die. People pray to Ishtar to bring him back so she visits the underworld to bring him back. The goddess of the underworld makes a deal that Ishtar can take him for half of each year. When Tammuz returns, everything becomes better again. So every year Tammuz has to spend 6 months with Attula, the goddess of the underworld Before he can bring light to earth

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