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Fantasy League
Mike Lupica
I rated it an 8 because it was a good book but I got confused a lot.

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For my response I decided to list some of the problems that the main character encountered in the book and how he solved them.

1. The team put a lot of stress on him by having him make their player picks. He solved that by going with his gut. He trusted that the reason they picked him to do that was because he had football smarts so he made the pick that came naturally to him. In that situation I would be freaking out, I don't think that I would have been able to be calm about it and would have to crank out something last minute.

2. He had too deal with harassment from his friends because he had become famous. He had to act like nothing was happening so that his friends wouldn't think that he had gotten a swelled head. I would have in that situation tried to not make a big deal about it but still tell my friends to let them know that if they work hard they can get cool experiences like this as well

3. When the team loses he feels like it is his fault if they players he picked play badly. He felt like all of the losses were on him. The way he fixed that was by looking on the positive side, such as reviewing the game tape with a player and pointing out how they did well. I probably would have broke down under the pressure, I think what he did was amazing and I wouldn't be able to do that.

Overall this was a great book. I liked how they threw in a lot of plot twists. They would make it look like something was about to happen and then they switch up the whole story. When he made the decision to bring back an old NFL superstar onto their lineup I was so shocked. They made it seem like the team's season was over. I also liked how they made it like an underdog story, the team started at the bottom and slowly climbed out to shock the world. The one thing that I did not like was how they had the storyline include so many people, it diluted from the main character and I got lost in some of the book where I got confused.

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For my exploration I tried to read a book in Spanish called Mis Deberes: my duties, it started with hacer mi taera ( do my homework ) and I knew it was going to be a tough read. The first thing I noticed when I started reading was that I had no idea what most of the words meant. I recognized the easy ones like mis: me and las: the but most of the words like jugar or recoger were a blur to me. I could not put the words together and I had to look at the English meanings the whole time. What I found funny was the fact that I love to read and am well at it, in this language I couldn't even read a 2 year olds book.

The next one I tried was an easier one called Mi mama y yo: my mom and I, it started with Mi mama y yo balimos en el festival ( my mom and I dance at the festival ) and I felt like this book was easier because I knew how to say my mom and I. The only trouble I had with this one was putting the last two words together. Most of the time I had trouble with one of the words. This book was still hard but it was easier then the last one. This language has so many concepts and I want to learn them. I cannot wait to keep studying Spanish as I love the challenge.

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