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early May
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The Iphone that saved
George Washington
David Potter


It was a really funny book if
you understood it but at times
it made absolutely no sense to me.

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The book I read was called the IPhone that saved George Washington. It was about how kids accidentally go back in time then figure out they have to thwart a plan to kill rebel leader George Washington. At first they have no idea what is going on but later they learn what is happening. They go through many hardships and even cross the Delaware river with George himself! The first tip for the main character is the fact that the assassin is using a gun from world war two. That is when he realizes the assassination is a plot from the future. This book is very strange at first but when you really start to understand it the book becomes suspenseful and funny at the same time. I would totally recommend this book to anyone who likes a cross between fantasy and historical fiction.

Since the book was about an assassin sent to kill George Washington from a guy from the future I made a list about what would have happened if he HAD been killed.

1. The whole rebel army would suffer a great blow from the death of their leader.
2. The Delaware crossing would have never been made.
3. The rebels would have never won the battle of Trenton.
4. The British would have most likely used that time as a plan of attack.
5. The U.S might have still been part of a British territory to this day.
6. We would be talking with British accents.
7. We maybe would have been part of Canada.

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Think about how changes in events can have a humongous effect on history. Whatever you do impacts history. Taking a left turn instead of a right turn impacts history.

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For my exploration I tried out for the forensics team. I memorized 7 pages of one of my favorite picture books and presented it to the coach of the team. I memorized a piece from the book If I Built a House by Chris Van Dusen. I tried to tell the story with emotion and voice in my presentation. I only forgot 1 line out of the whole 7 pages! It made me realize the way that I told the story made a big impact on how people respond to the story. After my presentation was done the coach asked me to do one of the pieces but add something to it. I had to come up with something on the spot but I still was able to do it. I hope that I will make the team. The results will come out on Friday. This was a great experience for me and if I make the team I will do more pieces like this. After the audition I realized that telling a story is completely different from reading one silently. When you tell a story you can engage people by adding hand movements, emotion, different voices, and maybe sometimes telling the story in your own way. For me telling a story is so much more fun because of 2 reasons. I love to talk (ha ha), and I get a lot of satisfaction from the reactions of the people I am telling the story to. Which do you prefer to do, read or tell?

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