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Emperor Pickeltine rides the bus.


Tom Angleberger

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9.5 because it was hilarious with adventure and action

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I made a poster that reflects the conflict between Fruitigami Yoda and Emperor Pickletine. I hope it gets other kids interested in reading this latest book in the Origami Yoda series. As in the other books, Harvey and Dwight are still battling for 7th grade supremacy. How can Tommy handle this on their class field trip to Washington, D.C.? Will their bickering ruin the trip? Or will Fruitigami Yoda restore the peace? Find out about their wacky trip in this exciting book!

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For my exploration, I thought I would list my top five favorite book genres and briefly explain why I like them.

1. Realistic fiction: I've always liked to read about things that could possibly happen in real life because it makes for a story that one can relate to. One of my personal favorites is the book "Summer Ball" which is the story of a kid at basketball camp.

2. Fiction: I like this because it's fun to read about another version of the universe; anything can happen in this type of book. "Sonic The Hedgehog" could never happen, that's why it's fun to read. It's like a dream that shows you things that couldn't happen. Fiction is one of my favorites and always will be!

3. Historical fiction: The thing that I like the most about this type of book is reading about let's say the Titanic from another point of view. You can experience what happened and how. The "I Survived" series shows events happening from a different perspective which makes it interesting to read.

4. Mystery: I guess I like mystery novels because you're always trying to find out more. When you start this type of book, you can't stop. Take "The 39 Clues" books. Once you start it feels like everything is hidden from you, so you try to find out more.

5. Science fiction: Science fiction describes things that could never, or should never happen, which makes it so interesting. Take "Star Wars" or "The Maze Runner" for instance. A lot of the things that happen in these stories could never happen, which is what makes them interesting.

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