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Warp Speed
Lisa Yee
9 because it shows the life of a kid who has been bullied and how he stood up for himself.

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For my response I decided to read the other book in the series, Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time and make a comparison of the two main characters.

1. I noticed that Stanford and Marty both have troubles at home: Stanford is in big trouble with his dad for flunking his English class and this will later affect their relationship. Marty has a blind mom and his dad might lose the movie theater that they have owned for the last few years.

2. I saw that Stanford and Marty have problems with the same kid, they both hate a boy named Digger. Digger is being mean to Stanford by blackmailing him, saying he will tell his friends that he is going to summer school.Marty is being bullied by him, Digger has made a point of torturing Marty by hurting him. At the end they both stand up to Digger showing that they have inner strength.

3. I noticed how they both have a little group of friends to hang out with, Stanford has the jocks ( all the athletes ) and Marty has the Geeks ( the members of the technical sciences club ). This really sets them apart, while I was reading I saw that this relates to our social studies lesson we are working on. Stanford is at the highest class on the social pyramid, giving him a better life then Marty who is in a lower social class.


1. Stanford is more confident and arrogant. He tries to be the best at a lot of things and let people know who he is. On the other hand, Marty is just trying to fit in and not be bullied while Stanford is trying to get noticed even more. I think this shows that he has a very big ego and is shallow.

2. Marty is a lot smarter, he tries to study and be as smart as he can be, while Stanford only does the bare minimum. On one of the pages Stanford says how he does not care about school because he is so good at sports. This shows that Marty will most likely have a better life then him in the future.

3. Stanford likes to judge people. That will not get him far in life. He labeled Marty as a nerd but would later learn that Marty actually had a key ability for a sport. One of the the things I wonder is why Marty tries to conceal the fact that he is an athlete. Perhaps he wonders if he becomes an athlete he will become like Stanford, he does not want to become mean and let go of his friends.

Based on these facts I have the impression that although he lacks friends, Marty is a better person then Stanford. Although Stanford has a lot of friends, he is really just another kid. He thinks that he is perfect and flawless. This goes to show that Marty will be more open to accepting new friends while Stanford will have to always hang out with the popular group.

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For my exploration I am participating in the Birbery, and I have recently just finished my first book! The Birbery contest is a book reading challenge. The schools select 10 books and the middle school students read the books and take tests on them. In order to pass the test you have to get at least 8/10 . If you pass all ten quizzes you get entered in a drawing. If you get drawn you get picked up in a limo and taken to a committee to help decide what the best Birbery book will be for that current year. I think the Birbery is good opportunity because it is forcing me to read the genres that I do not usually read.

The book I have read is called Half A Chance. It is about a girl who enters a photo contest to please her dad, but is forced to choose to either lose a friend by entering the contest, or not enter the photo that would change the boy's life.

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